RealFlight 8 with Interlink-X Controller A-GPMZ4550

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Get your hands on the ultimate RC experience


Classic convenience meets enhanced capabilities in RealFlight 8! It brings back all the features and functionality of RF7.5 with several key upgrades. The same game-changing, supremely realistic physics which have drawn pilots to RealFlight since the first edition are back and further improved. and there's so much more.


First up on the list of new capabilities - VR compatibility. Plug in a popular VR set available on the market (not included) and you're instantly at the field or behind the sticks. For full immersion, there's nothing else like it out there.


Plus, accessing the world of RealFlight is easier than ever with a simple, intuitive interface which virtually guarantees you'll be up and flying in moments. There's zero learning curve, zero hassle, just flying fun. New for RealFlight 8, you can fly with the custom-designed InterLink controller or hook up a game console controller you might already have around the house.


Next up are the flying sites and aircraft - every flying site and aircraft from RF7.5 is back. Plus there are over a dozen new aircraft and a customized FPV flying site. Plus, you can customize everything to your satisfaction with aircraft and flying site software that has also been upgraded to accept even more detailed HD models.


Far from last, and certainly not least, the game-like challenges which have helped sharpen thousands of pilots' skills are back and expanded so you get more tiers of balloon-popping, spot landing bang for your buck.


Trust in the RC flight simulator that has put more pilots in the air safely than any other.


Unparalleled physics make RealFlight the #1 RC flight simulator on the market

Simple, intuitive interface - zero learning curve, zero hassle

Game-like challenges make flight training fun and fully interactive with at least ten levels of complexity

Multiplayer combat - challenge the best pilots in the world

Fly in detailed fields - day or night - and make them your own with FlexiField

More than 140 aircraft

More than 40 flying sites and FlexiField Site Editor


InterLink-X Features


Get the full feel

Exclusive Reset/Rewind button for replaying your victories or reversing your crashes

Zero wear and tear on your field transmitter

Easy control of most simulator functions right from the controller

10-channel capability for effortless control of. everything

Built-in sliders help drone pilots zero their cameras in for the best shots

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