Guillows Piper Cherokee 140 Balsa Airplane Kit G307

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Fast, manoeuvrable, with a modern low wing and "total handling ease", the all metal Piper Cherokee 140 has been a common sight airports all over the country. More than just a point to point means of transportation, the 140 is licensed for spins, lazy 8's and chandelles characteristics which made the world famous Piper Cub the leading sport plane of its era. Last but not least, the 140 seats up to 4 adult passengers in relative comfort.


 Clean laser-cut balsa parts.

Light Plastic Nose cowl

Acetate for window areas

Plastic propeller

Rubber motor

Firewall for gas engine installation

Covering tissue

Detailed plan


Landing gear wire

Step by step instruction sheet

Insignia Sheet

Plastic Wheel parts

Pilot figure


Wing Span: 20"

Scale: 1/20

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