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Oracover, perhaps better known by its British name "Profilm" is a polyester covering that is quick and easy to apply, and provides considerable rigidity to a finished structure.

Available: per metre, 2 metre rolls and 10 metre rolls

How to Apply - Cut a piece 25mm to 50mmm oversize for the panel being covered. Lay the covering over the panel to be covered. Tack the covering to the frame using a covering iron set at only sufficient temperature to activate the heat activated adhesive on the back of the film. Once the film has been tacked around the frame, increase the temperature of the covering iron so that it is just sufficient to shrink the film and remove the wrinkles.

Compound curves can be covered by pulling the covering around the curve, and using the heated covering iron to work the covering down and around the curve.

Should there be a warp in a covered wing, gently twist the wing panel in the desired direction, apply a warm iron over the entire area (until the wrinkles go smooth), and the wing will stay in it's new position until the twist is adjusted again using the same method.

The unique qualities of ORACOVER: Permits re-positioning without fear of colour-layer separation - the only covering film giving you a second chance, it is fuel-resistant, tolerates temperatures up to 250°C, can be painted and is highly adhesive.

if Applied according to instructions there will be no bubbles and no sagging.

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