NGK-CM6 Spark Plug for 3W, DA, DLE, GP

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NGK CM6 Spark Plug


The CM6 'low profile' plug is perfectly suited to all 3W, DA,DLE motors.


NGK Spark plugs are constructed with ribs to eliminate flashover. The new ceramic insulator provides better heat dissipation, higher electrical insulation and greater resistance against thermal shock. Also more gaskets and special powder sealing prevent gas leakage and provides a uniform heat range. 5k ohm ceramic resistance protects the electrical devices in the vehicle, such as the radio, phone and the engine management system. With the copper electrode deeply inserted inside the nickel tip it vastly improves heat dissipation and prevent dangerous overheating. Finally the thick, anti-corrosive nickel alloy tip resists overheating and extends the life of the spark plug.


Not only suitable for 3W Engines but also a wide variety of other Petrol Motors!

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