K&S 8107 9/32 x .014 Aluminium Tube (1)

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Description - Quality products consist of tubes, rods and sheets.  They are carefully engineered and have unlimited uses in the development of all types of projects.


Projects - RC Cars, boats, planes and trains.  Architectural design and school projects.  Crafts, jewellery, chimes, altered art and many, many more.


Finishing - Paint, bend, cut, solder, patina, drill, punch, coil, form, framing, nameplates and your special projects.

Architecture - Design, Model, School Projects.

Hobby - Trains, Boats, Planes, Cars, R/C.

Crafts - Jewellery, Altered Art, Chimes.

DIY - repair, Accent Build, Fabricate.

Types - Brass, Aluminium, Copper, Tin.

Shapes - Tubing, Rods, Strips, Sheets.

Plus - Your Special Projects.

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