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Founded in 1942, Constructo wooden model ships was a pioneer in its field. Laser-cut technology has since been incorporated to make kit building an easy and enjoyable hobby. The romance of the sea is at your fingertips with every Constructo kit.


      Complete with quality hardware and fittings (brass, cast iron, ceramic, copper) needed for completion.

      Faithful historical reproductions.

      Detailed building instructions (with up to 200 colour photos) included.

      Top-quality woods are used in Constructo kits.

      Beginner kits have pre-constructed hulls for easy assembly.


The Universal Series of larger static display boats have pre-shaped solid wood hulls to simplify building - great for modellers without much building experience. The kits include many pre-cut wood parts, cast metal fittings, rigging, sails and wood stand.


Thanks to the advent of steam in the early 18th century shallow draft boats with large paddle wheels were built that were capable of carrying both passengers and large amounts of goods.

The paddle wheels driven by enormous steam engines were mounted at the back of the boat or one on either side.


The riverboats were constantly being improved. Speed brought with it memorable competitions, with boats racing against each other to which was the fastest on the Big River. Perhaps the most famous of all the riverboat races, was the one that took place in June 1870 from New Orleans to St. Louis between the Natchez IV and the Robert E Lee. The Robert E Lee covered the 1200 miles in 3 days, 18 hours and 14 minutes, a record that still stands to this day. The Natchez took 4 days and 51 minutes.


The kit features: Wooden hull planking Metal parts such as stove pipe finials, whistles, wheel, pins, bells, lifeboats, masthole rings and covers and railing Fabric U. S. flag Gray thread for all rigging All wood construction features Mansonia, Sapelly Mukaly, Samba, Sycamore, Beech, boxwood and plywood


Scale 1:48

Length 640mm

Height 305mm

Width 185mm

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