Kyosho EP Blizzard SR 1:12 Wireless LAN Version

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Belt tracked vehicle equipped with iReceiver and camera sends real time images to a Smartphone or tablet PC over wireless LAN as it powers relentlessly through snow or wastelands.  This creates the sense that you are actually onboard and controlling the model.  A newly developed unit  that replaces the traditional R/C system provides full control and transmits high quality video to the Smartphone or tablet PC and marks a new era in wireless model control.  The 140+ degree wide-angle lens provides the extensive range of sight needed for effective driving control.  In addition, blur and distortion are minimized from the periphery to deliver clear resolution to all parts of the screen.  Lens design provides excellent depth of vision and aperture control so you can plot your course around distant objects that are clearly visible.  Control is as smooth and natural as any R/C model.  Download the special app to your Smartphone (iPhone, iPad or Android device) or tablet PC to enjoy the stunning performance of this model using the control sticks on your screen.  Video can be transmitted in real time with simple start/stop function and still shot photography easily controlled from your Smartphone.  Experience the future of model control with wireless LAN creating the sensation of being onboard and in the driver's seat.


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