Kyosho Turbo Scorpion 2WD Kit 1/10 K.30616 Legendary Series

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This machine is more than just a reproduction!


As the 5th model to make its return as part of the vintage series, the ever-popular Scorpion released in 1982 was re-launched 2 years ago and has undergone a detailed overhaul to match modern performance with retro styling. The new Turbo Scorpion remains true to the essence of the unique Scorpion design throughout, but features Scorpion-style wheels in the larger 2.2 inch modern standard wheels for improved off-road performance. In addition, 12mm oil shocks based on the Optima deliver rock-solid running stability and excellent damping characteristics that work in combination with high-grip front and rear tires with a 20mm wider front tread and 10mm longer wheelbase than the original Scorpion to realize improved control and handling performance. With a thorough modernization, the new Turbo Scorpion is ready and willing to accept modern-day power sources and compete on modern race circuits. The standard Turbo Scorpion is a fully optioned chassis configuration and is ready to take the punishment that goes with hard driving.


Turbo Scorpion updated to meet the demands of the modern off-road racing scene.

Kit includes pre-assembled gearbox and oil shocks.

Features same racy-style mini bumper as the original.

Rear section reinforced with Rear Sus Post L, strengthened by added flange.

Features accurate recreation of the original loop-mount light buckets. Optional LED lights can be simply bolted on.

Screwed surfaces are countersunk for flat finish.

Decals included in kit are die cut. Stretch for easy application and beautiful body finish.

Kit Contents

Pre-assembled kit (gear box is pre-assembled)

Polycarbonate clear body


Chassis parts

L type hexagonal wrench

Cross wrench

Shock wrench

Shock oil



Needed for operation

2ch 1 servo R/C system for cars

540 class motor

ESC compatible with motor used

Battery for chassis compatible with ESC used

Battery charger

Paint for polycarbonate body

Batteries for transmitter

Tools (1.5, 2, 2.5mm hexagonal wrench driver)



Length : 408mm

Width : 256mm

Height : 145mm

Ground Clearance : 28mm

Wheelbase : 273mm

Tread (F/R) : 218mm/215mm

Tire(F/R) : ?8227mm / ?8642mm

Gear Ratio : 6.9 : 1 / 8.3 : 1 (select from 2-type)

Weight : 1,500g (approx.)

Motor : 540-type (sold separately)

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