Kyosho Minium Autokite Readyset RED K.10657RS-R

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Amazingly easy to fly!

This new generation kite-plane cruises easily across the sky and even flies loops!

Kyosho's unique styrene main wing design maintains the shape of a real wind-filled sail-wing and produces precision control for flight within a more compact area than ever before. With the lightest wing load of any MINIUM series aircraft, the AutoKite delivers the gentle flight style of a real sailwing in amazingly confined spaces and makes an ideal introduction to R/C airplane flight. That said, the powerful 8mm motor and rigidity of the sailwing give the model both more stability in wind than you would expect from a kite plane and greater control. The AutoKite can even fly loops once you become familiar with its flying characteristics. As with all MINIUM models, the high degree of pre-assembly guarantees a great finish and the Readyset includes every-thing you need to fly except batteries for the transmitter. You can be airborne as soon as you charge the flight battery and attach the sail. The Readyset also features Kyosho's advanced 2.4GHz radio system that automatically provides safe, interference-free control as soon as the power is turned on, without the worry of frequency bands. The MINIUM AutoKite combines high performance compacted into its minimal size with easy flight control to deliver a uniquely enthralling flying experience!

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