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Blast Away with the Updated, Waterproof Bullet ST Flux!

Introducing the refreshed HPI Bullet ST Flux, the ready-built off-road vehicle that's ideal for all off-road bashers and enthusiasts! Now featuring a waterproof receiver and battery compartment and waterproof servos, the Bullet ST Flux is truly a go-anywhere machine!

This Bullet is a 1/10th scale stadium racing truck fitted with a powerful 4WD drivetrain and a super-powerful HPI Flux Brushless System featuring waterproof electronics and Li-Po cutoff, so it can power through all sorts of terrain and fly over any obstacles! Now fitted with a versatile and comfortable HPI 2.4GHz radio system, it's easier than ever to control the speed of the Bullet!

The Bullet ST Flux is just one member of a family of HPI vehicles which are based around a durable 4WD shaft drivetrain, 2 shocks per wheel and double-deck aluminium chassis. The Bullet off-road trucks feature either the silent Flux brushless system or Nitro Star 3.0 engine, and are available in different off-road truck varieties. In short, you can get the precise flavour of off-road performance you want with the HPI Bullet!


The Bullet Flux trucks now feature a cool waterproof electronics compartment for the battery and receiver, a sealed waterproof switch, waterproof steering servo and finally a waterproof speedo that allows you to keep running your Bullet in extreme conditions that would kill almost just about any other vehicle!

Want to tackle that muddy bug? How about that stream crossing? A bit of rain about to fall? It's all good for the Bullet ST Flux!

Please note: This HPI vehicle is designed to provide water protection so it can be driven in wet conditions (e.g. rain, snow, puddles). Not for submersion. See manual for details.


All of the latest HPI kits are now fitted with a comfortable and feature-packed HPI 2.4GHz radio system for supreme control and confidence! The radio features a pistol-grip design with drop-down steering wheel, 3 channel functionality, easy carry handle, fold-down aerial, end point adjustments, servo reversing and steering dual rate. It's also extremely lightweight due to it requiring only four AA batteries.

You won't have to worry about radio crystals or what channel other RC racers are using with our 2.4GHz technology - the radio does all that work for you! The radio prevents frequency conflicts automatically and changes channels if there is any interference. Finally, if you ever lose radio signal or battery power, an electronic failsafe will bring it to a safe and controlled stop. You'll have professional-level control in one easy RTR package!



The HPI Flux system installed in the updated Bullet Flux kits packs truly awesome power packed into a compact and tidy package!

The incredible power from the Flux Shot motor gives the lightweight Bullet Flux trucks an immense power-to-weight ratio for ripping acceleration and blinding top speed!

The Flux Shot motor features modern brushless inner workings wrapped with a cool black-anodized heatsink case, while the updated waterproof Flux Reload speed controller features bullet connectors for the motor, Dean's plug battery connector and even a cooling fan right on top to keep things ice-cold! The power switch and setting button are both completely waterproof, and the electric connections are surrounded with a waterproof compound that lets you bomb through mud and puddles without a worry!

The Bullet can handle up to 7 NiMH cells or 3S LiPo batteries to give the truck insane top speeds and amazing acceleration! Do you want on-demand wheelies? Go on, give it a try - you know you want to!

Finally, the Flux EMH-3S Brushless ESC can be fully customized with the amazing #101856 - FLUX RELOAD ESC PROGRAM BOX V2! Turn your forward/brake/reverse speed controller into a forward/brake only controller for racing, or a forward/reverse controller for rock crawling! Fine tune things like initial punch, braking power, drag brake and more, with just the push of a button!


Factory-assembled & pre-painted electric-powered 4WD Stadium Truck

2.4 GHz radio system for crystal-free, comfortable control

Waterproof receiver/battery box

Strong and powerful HPI Flux Shot brushless motor

Waterproof Flux EMH-3S Brushless ESC with fan and 3S LiPo capability!

Forward/Brake/Reverse functionality for easy driving

Fully programmable speed controller with the #101856 - FLUX RELOAD ESC PROGRAM BOX V2

Waterproof steering servo

Painted and detailed bodyshell ready to strut its stuff!

6061 aluminium chassis provides the ideal backbone

Tough bumpers combine with skid plates to protect all 4 corners

8 oil-filled shocks provide a plush ride

Extra-long suspension arms provide stability and balance

Proven racing design throughout

Steel turnbuckle links allow you to custom-tune the ride

Sealed shaft drivetrain is maintenance-free and super strong

Double-pad slipper clutch design for extra drivetrain protection

All-terrain tyres look fantastic on black chrome wheels

A smart metal washer prevents over-tightening of wheel nuts

Additional track-tuning options included in the kit!

#107008 RTR BULLET ST FLUX W/ 2.4GHz

1/10th Scale 4WD Electric Stadium Truck with Flux Brushless System, 2.4GHz Radio System and Painted Stadium Truck Body



Length: 417mm

Width: 336mm

Height: 160mm (Adjustable)

Wheelbase: 272mm

Track: 263mm

Drivetrain: Shaft 4WD



Battery Pack with Deans Plus - HPI Plazma Li-Po batteries recommended!

Battery Charger - #101971 HPI Reactor 500 Charger recommended!



4x AA Batteries for Transmitter

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