Flite Test Simple Soarer FT4141

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Flite Test

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The FT Simple Soarer is a great introduction to 2 channel gliding. Whether you are motoring up to altitude by using a Power Pod or towing the Simple Soarer up with a friend by using the FT Elements Simple Tow Release mechanism, this plane is a real performer.


Weight: 11oz (Fully assembled; without battery)

Wingspan: 57.5 Inches (1460mm)

Centre of Gravity: 2.75 Inches (70mm) from leading edge of wing (Recommended)

Control Surface Throws: 12 degrees

Expo Suggestions: 25%


Package Includes:

 Laser-cut Foam Simple Soarer Kit

 Power Pod


 Push Rods

 Control Horns


 Bar-BQ Skewers

 Rubber bands

 Coffee Stir Sticks

 Specification Sheets

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