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Flite Test

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The Flite Test Super Bee is the latest addition to the community series, thank Dan and Keegan SPONHOLZ from the Flite Test Team! Based on a mash-up of Dan's other flight designs, such as the FT Bloody Baron and the FT Mini Cruiser, this little bee is a flight model that stands for speed and power! This little bee can reach speeds of up to 130-150 km / h! With the two motors, you can use the differential thrust option for a kind of rudder-thrust function, so you have better control of the model! For added stability and robustness, a plywood reinforcement is glued into the fuselage and ensures a longer life! Ready for high flying action! As a matter of fact - "Let it crash".


High speeds up to 150 km/h

Differential thrust control possible as rudder

Easy and fast to assemble


Recommended accessories

Transmitter 6 channel combo

Servo digital 9g

Brushless Motor Ultra 2804 2300KV

Brushless Motor Ultra 2806 2300KV

Multicopter C-Prop

2 x ESC Brushless Control SBEC with telemetry, 18 A

Servo extension cable 0,16 qmm

Linkage Stopper, 1,2 - 2 mm

Power Pack LiPo 3S / 1000 mAh

Battery charger Ultramat 14 plus, Li, Pb, Ni

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