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The Mini Pun Jet is a folding wing delta that was originally designed by Peter Sripol to drop out of the cargo bay of his cargo plane, the Guinea Pig. It wasn't long before we found that the Pun Jet flies great even without the folding wing set up and is a great stand alone platform to take with you wherever you go. Set up some extreme throws, and the Pun Jet will perform ballistic rolls and basic aerobatics. Dial in our recommended throws, and the Pun Jet is a great intermediate bank and yank flyer.


Power Pack Compatibility:

Flite Test Airplanes are all designed around the use of various "Power Packs" which include an inexpensive Motor, ESC, Servo, & accessory package to complete each aircraft! The compatible power pack is listed below.


Weight: 4.1 Oz (Fully assembled; without battery)

Wingspan: 14.5 Inches (368mm)

Centre of Gravity: 7.25 Inches (184mm) from leading edge of nose (Recommended)

Control Surface Throws: 16 Degrees

Expo Suggestions: 30%


Kit Includes:

 Laser-cut Foam Airframe

 Firewall (Mini)

 Push Rods

 Control Horns


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