Enya No.3 Glow Plug (std)..
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Enya No.3 Glow Plug (std)..

Enya No.3 Glow Plug (std)

A great quality all round standard heat glow plug from Enya. This plug is the best selling glow plug of its category in the UK ! Without doubt this is the Glow Plug favoured by most modellers in the U.K.

Glow plugs are considered to be consumables - But by using a low voltage to start ( under 1.5 volts) and not burning the plug dry, you prolong the life of your glow plug. It is also worth washing out a new engine after running in to prevent small particles shorting the plug and destroying it. Blowing plugs on new engines is less common now a days, but is still something that can happen.